Dissocial Media, Thoughts on jettisoning social media.

I've been writing in my real handwritten journal in recent weeks that I've felt the weight of social networks. And the manipulation and behavior patterning it's designed to do.

I worked for a softer social network for almost two years and while we weren't as abhorrent as the huge ones, I completely understand and was a part of teams that would (though we were well intentioned [they all say this]), make choices to drive consumer behavior. Sometimes for the "better", but maybe, quite likely, for the worse.

Eventually, maybe sooner than later, I'll be mostly on my website. Connections lost, but I've often believed that real friendships transcend social networks into phone calls, texts, and spending time with each other in person.

It's real connections we need, whether meaningful or micro and fleeting, but looking someone in the eyes and being in the same space can connect and break down barriers that media (news and social) have put up around us all.

All mass-corporation backed media is just another lever to ultimately selling you something.

Complicity is not my goal.