This Is What We Have To Lose

An alpine lake in the Sierras near with mountains in the background.

Yesterday felt defeating with the damning report that our climate has indeed moved unfortunately forward into severity and decline. It’s too late for some aspects but not too late to avoid some of the worst aspects.

The fires, the smoke, and the record-high temperatures that we’re experiencing are the new normal. Our desire for more and more goods, fast fashion, disposable everything, and so much waste has led us here. Big corporations continue to push their bottom line and manufacturing at the expense of everything else.

The buck gets passed onto us. As consumers, we can do our best. It is a two-way street: big corporations market and push goods and services that we think we need, but don't, and we eat it up. It's a systemic change that needs to happen overall — this unfortunate dependency.

I do my best to run my gear into the ground. On the bike, I use what some would consider old parts (if it ain’t broke…), upgrading when I need to. I only have so many clothes and in most cases have a few “uniforms.” Jen and I purge regularly and lately have been getting rid of (donating, and if you do need to shop, give a vintage or thrift store a good hard look) more than we usually do, striving for a ruthless balance.

Less is more in so many ways, and if a pandemic has taught us some things, hopefully, one of them is that we only need some of the things we thought we needed before it.