Now Reopen for Business

California re-opened on Tuesday and literally overnight, it feels like everything changed. And it has. The streets are busy again, clear voices can be heard all over, and people are emerging from their cocoons at their pace.

It feels like whiplash: going from riding with one person to five, walking down the street and seeing people’s faces, climbing at the gym and seeing it packed in the middle of a weekday (I guess flexible WFH situations have stuck around), and so on.

Now, the transition and syncopation or non-, of life before, during, and now, and into the future is coming to a head. SF has done extremely well, and it feels so odd to be on this side of things when my family in Malaysia or other parts of the world are returning into strict lockdowns whilst their vaccine programs ramp up and the inequities of vaccine access and purchasing power of countries stretched.

2020 has undoubtedly changed all of us. The question is how much, and for how long? Many industries and companies outwardly committed to change but very little has been seen thus far (time will tell), and many would like to put it behind them. As would we in some ways.

And in many others, the gains we made should stay and evolve and push beyond what we started. The education and continued education in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The awakening of the issues with society, both racial and economic, and of course, the environment.

Let us recharge for the moment as we all get our bearings over the next few months and the rest of the year. But let’s not forget, let’s not get lax. There’s still work to do: find your line and your pace.

Make it lasting.