Hoja Santa, Mexico City, Mexico

On our first visit to Mexico City, and because we're often weary of lines, we opted out on the well-known Panaderia Rosetta. We even skipped eating the infamous Mexican pastry concha!

But on this trip, after having a delicious chocolate one from Delirio, and seeing the location on Colima didn't have a terrible line for the bakery itself, we decided to check out the hype.

We decided on two pastries that are unique to Mexico, bypassing the usual croissants and such. The aforementioned concha, but also a puerquito.

The concha we chose was the Hoja Santa (sacred leaf), an herbaceous, floral, peppery flavor we encountered a few times on this trip. It was absoloutely delicious, as evidenced by our partaking at sundown, pictured at top.