Nothing Bad About It, Mojave, California, USA

A year ago, Jen and I made an overland run from the south end of Anza-Borrego to the northern end. On the last night in Hawk Canyon, a super windy night made for less than ideal sleep. We ended up closing up the tent and sleeping in the front seats. Thankfully, the seats in a Lexus GX are relatively comfortable — akin to domestic first class with far more recline. It hasn't been the first time we've slept inside (and the second on this trip). The tiredness of the next day meant we got through the last leg of the route, which was exciting, but left little in the tank to go to our last planned stop: the badlands of Fonts Point. We skipped it for the town of Borrego Springs.

This year we decided to settle up unfinished business. The view didn't disappoint, though it was still quite windy!