Hi, I'm Naz.
I help make the internet.
Founded Weightshift, a design studio.
Malaysian-American, third culture kid, he/him.
Cyclist, occasional bike model, and rock climber.
Photographer and traveler.
Design patent holder.
Sometimes musician.


I’ve been a designer for over 23 years. I founded Weightshift in 2000, and for over 17 years, I serviced clients such as, Adobe, Dropbox, Google Ventures, Intercom, Obvious, One Medical, True Ventures, Twitter, Xero, and many others.

Taking an interlude from my consultancy, I joined the design team at VSCO for two years. I helped launch VSCO Membership, a subscription service that gained 1MM+ paying members in its first year and was the second fastest–growing digital subscription service behind Apple Music. Additionally, I contributed to VSCO Connect, a platform for brands to engage with creators.

In 2018, I returned to independent life and have since engaged in providing product design, creative direction, and strategy to early-stage and Series A companies such as Abstract, Atoms, Honeycomb, and TRASH (since acquired by VSCO).


While I am proud of and have enjoyed designing digital products, I also prioritize cycling (and partaking in the occasional bike modeling gig for Ornot [#diversityincycling]) and rock climbing. I firmly believe in a holistic life — one that optimizes mind, body, and soul. I strive for a life well-lived. I encourage people to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically, and I’m an advocate for doing things that truly matter and give energy.

I’m a third culture kid, having spent the first decade of my life in London, United Kingdom, the second decade in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the last 22 years in the United States — the first 11 in Chicago and the last 11 in San Francisco. This is important to my identity, how I see the world, and how I approach all aspects of my life — it has broadened my worldview. I became a US citizen in 2012.

I live in the Soma neighborhood with my wife, Jen Schuetz and our dog, a senior rescue Chihuahua named Barbara from Muttville.

When I’m not pushing design ideas, you can find me on a dirt road, a rocky trail, in an ocean, or on a mountain — the surroundings where I feel best.


I give talks primarily about work–life balance and diversity & inclusion in design. I am also formulating a new talk on designer maturity and evolution. Get in touch if these topics sound like a good fit for your event.

  • New Adventures
    Diverse Design: How We Build for People
    January 2019, Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • CreativeWorks
    Talk: Hard Work & Hard Living
    Workshop: The Full-Stack Designer

    October 2018, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  • Brooklyn Beta 5
    Hard Work & Hard Living
    October 2014, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Bridge: Designer Fund
    The Space Between the Notes
    October 2013, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Asana & Designer Fund
    Skeuomorphism vs. Simplicity: A Town Hall
    October 2012, San Francisco, California, USA
  • SXSW Interactive
    Design from the Gut: Dangerous or Differentiator
    March 2012, Austin, Texas, USA
  • SXSW Interactive
    Built: Online Communities, Offline Relationships
    March 2011, Austin, Texas, USA
  • AIGA Chicago
    Tools of the Trade: Creative Content for the Web
    April 2008, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • SXSW Interactive
    Design is in the Details
    March 2008, Austin, Texas, USA
  • Making Media Connections
    Emerging Online News Outlets
    July 2006, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • UnderConsideration’s Speak Up
    SeriouSeries 3
    April 2004, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Podcasts & Publications


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