• Music That Got Me Through 2020

    As time goes on, I've learned something about myself: I'm now that person — that old fogey — that mumbles under their breath about the old days when music was real. That said, there are plenty of good artists (even great artists) making meaningful music today. I just have to search a little harder in an age where everything is delivered on an algorithmic machine learning platter without any real research. Old timey voice: I remember the days when I'd walk to every Tower Records, or HMW, Borders or independent record store and listen to every music station that the staff selected, or asked the record store worker if I could listen to this pile of CDs I had in my hand on their one CD player.

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  • The New Design

    A few times a week, we get emails from students and young designers looking for an internship or full-time opportunities at the studio. We’re not quite ready in terms of needing outside help, so these are unsolicited inquiries. We don’t make any mention of not accepting them as we like to keep the conduit for dialogue open — and we do file away the more notable prospects for future reference.

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  • On Rdio

    Editor's note: Written many years ago, after Rdio (RIP) came out of beta. I would go on to work with the team to design some of these very things.

    Music is a huge part of many people’s lives. It seems odd that music is essentially sounds and noises put together to form something that transcends its individual parts. Music, even in its simplest form is a whole, made of parts — be it notes, chords, instruments and layers — that simply are special. Let me just put music into my Magical™ column.

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